Delaney's Market
in partnership with Rachel's Table

Delaney's Market is committed to being as responsible and sustainable as we can be by not letting good food go to waste. 
We understand the amount of work that goes into growing ingredients for chefs like ours to transform into delicious entrées, and it bothers us to see any of our entrées go to waste. 

What happens when our entrées don't sell by their "sell by dates"? 
Well each night Delaney's Market has a few entrées that are perfectly consumable, but didn't sell in time. So we freeze these unsold meals and get them ready for next morning pickup by Rachel's Table..

Delaney's Market is proud to have partnered up with local food drive organization Rachel's Table of Springfield MA, in efforts to help fight local hunger in our areas. Our entrées help people in our communities struggling to provide food for their families. 

We are so appreciative for all the donations we get from the Log Cabin and Delaney House, and now the Delaney's Market. It's so wonderful they provide good nutritious food that provides comfort and makes lives a little easier.

Debbie Rubenstein - Rachel's Table

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Over 1,000 meals donated!

Within our first year Delaney's Market has donated over 1,000 meals to Rachel's Table to help families in need.

Versatile with various heating options.